Why is getassettransactions displaying differently for different nodes?

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I have an app using getassettransactions to loop through all assets and display all of the transactions.

For example, Node A may have assets a1, a2, a3, all of which were issued.

Node B also has assets it issued, b1, b2, b3.

They send various transactions across the network, among its own addresses as well as that to the other (address a' sends assets to a'', as well as a' -> b', b' -> a', etc.)

Thus, the original assets are sufficiently mixed around.

Listassettransactions for Node A shows everything, but listassettransactions for Node B shows only the issuances of both nodes A and B. In other words, A sees everything whereas B only sees the issuances of A and B. Is there a permission I am missing?

We currently have set anyone can send, receive, issue, and connect for testing purposes.



asked Jul 26, 2017 by anonymous

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I assume you mean listassettransactions in the question title as well. In order to use this API to list the transactions for an asset, a node should be subscribed to that asset. Note also the distinction between global and local ordering in the results, which can be controlled via a parameter.

answered Jul 26, 2017 by MultiChain
Thanks for your help!
listassettransactions only displaying issuances on other nodes