GetPeers doesnt return nodes that have No Permissions

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If node A, as been revoked of all permissions, but I still wish to have that node listed as "No Permissions" - so that permissions can then be granted at another time, I was hope to get a list of all nodes, irrespective of permissions. Am I missing a call or parameter that will return the full list of peers, connected or not?
asked Jul 20, 2017 by MaSsv

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A "peer" is defined as another node which is currently connected to this node. There is no API to list all the nodes that are out there on the network and were connected at some point in the past. For now if want to track this you'll need to do something outside of MultiChain itself.
answered Jul 20, 2017 by MultiChain
selected Jul 26, 2017 by MaSsv
Thanks. I appreciate what you are saying.

when a node is connected and then I remove permissions, its gone completely. I can grant again if I stored the address previously.