Getting transaction data from sendwithdata

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Is there a way to get data information of a random transaction using the API without knowing the addresses involved in it? 

I'm interested in obtaining some plain hex data I encode in a transaction using sendwithdata.
I tried using gettxout and gettransaction but  both seem to omit the data field 

The command getaddresstransaction displays the hex data without problem, but I want to be able to get the data without the address involved.

I can get the data using getblock blocknumber 4 but this is really cumbersome, as the output is usually huge compared to what I need to read.

asked Jul 17, 2017 by b2

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If the transaction involves an address tracked by this node, you can use getwallettransaction which doesn't require you to provide the specific address used. You can also use getrawtransaction with verbose=1, which will work on any node so long as the txindex runtime parameter has been left on its default value of 1.

answered Jul 18, 2017 by MultiChain