how do connect with an ipv6 address

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Hi I am Running a v6 native network (no v4) and want to run multichain, so I installed it and created a chain.

Start the chain and the response is connect at Chain-Name@<server-ip-address>:port. ok all good so far..

when you try to connect with the v6 address it fails .. it connects to 2607: which is first octet of my address and :4: which is the second octet of my global v6 address. my address reads 2607:4:5ef5:xxxx:284e:xxxx:b8xx:bb45 port is :6273

anyone have any suggestions or a work around ?
asked Jul 15, 2017 by Kyle
Thanks for reporting this – we'll look into it and get back to your shortly.

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First, the IPv6 address in the command-line should be in this form:


But for now MultiChain has not been tested properly with support for IPv6, and I'm afraid we don't expect to have this support in place for the 1.0 release.

answered Jul 18, 2017 by MultiChain

it has support for version 2.x?
We haven't had any recent reports of IPv6 problems – have you tried it using the advice above?