Privacy handling in Multichain

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is there any information available, that describes privacy handling in Multichain, e.g. what happens if we store user information and the user wants us to remove all his information?

Thanks Frank
asked Jul 12, 2017 by frankal

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First I should just comment that in a blockchain, any solution for removing data would need to be implemented honestly by all of the nodes, since each one stores it own copy of the chain.

In any event, the short answer is that MultiChain does not currently have a solution for this. If you are concerned with the ability to remove information, it may make more sense to store hashes on the blockchain as a way to timestamp and notarize the information, and deliver the information itself in some off-chain fashion. Then it is easier to instruct every participant to remove the original data, and it can't be reconstructed from the hash.
answered Jul 12, 2017 by MultiChain