Number of active nodes for mining a block

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I have 3 miner nodes and mining-diversity = 0.5, mining-turnover = 0.0. In this case minimum 2 miners should be active to mine a block, but this is working some time with 2 miners being active and some time it is't working even though 2 miners are active. If 3rd miner becomes active then mining the block working. I want to know the proper setting of mining-diversity, mining-turnover (and any other run time parameters ) value which will mine the block if there are at least 2 miners active.
asked Jun 26, 2017 by amitsh

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With mining-diversity=0.5 any two miners will be sufficient to continue mining the blockchain. However with mining-turnover=0.0, if one of the miners of the last two blocks suddenly becomes inactive, the third miner will wait longer before stepping in, and the next block delay could be up to double the usual time.

If you're not seeing this behavior on the chain, please let us know, because we'd like to understand and resolve the problem.

answered Jun 26, 2017 by MultiChain
Is there a way to avoid waiting of third miner irrespective of last two block miner is active or inactive? (need values for mining-diversity and mining-turnover)
Yes, set mining-turnover to 1.0 to avoid this situation completely. The flip side is the possibility that two miners (who didn't create the last block) create a block simultaneously. This can lead to a temporary "fork" in the chain, where there is not consensus between all the nodes. It resolves quickly, safely and automatically when the next block is generated, so it's not a problem if it doesn't bother you.
Will the mining-diversity =  0.5 still work with mining-turnover = 1.0?
Yes, absolutely. The mining-diversity parameter is the actual consensus rule for the blockchain, whereas the mining-turnover is only a suggestion to nodes of how to behave. Each parameter can freely be in the range from 0 to 1.