Stream transaction replication between blockchain peers

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Hi dear,

I'm also interested to use stream approach. As the another user I didn't understand the sinchonization process across the peers.

I made some tutoriais, mainly the "creating and connecting". In this tutorial I created a peer1 with blockchain "chain1". In another place (peer2) I connected by network to the chain1. Considered which when I connected in the first time at peer1 and chain1 already had some streams created by peer1, in this connection the blockchain "chain1" is downloaded from peer1 to peer2?

This process of replication (or synchronization) blockchain regarding submmited transactions between peers is that I didn't understand yet. Maybe lack me concepts about blockchain architecture.

My idea is to have some peers and each one with the same ledgers (blockchain). If one peers add a new stream in your blockchain its is replicated across the peers and all blockchains is the same. Maybe my confusion is about the transactions consensus. I don't know!

Thanks in advance by any explanation about this doubt.


Regivaldo Costa

asked Jun 14, 2017 by rcosta

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Yes, the blockchain is synchronized across all the nodes automatically. That is taken care of for you. So this includes all stream items.
answered Jun 15, 2017 by MultiChain
Thanks again.