How can i connect to a blockchain without multichaind

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I am new to multi chain and am trying to develop a discussion/voting system based on streams. So far I have two servers that are able to communicate, read and write from streams. However, I am at a loss for how I can add a client so to speak.

For example, I would like to setup a web interface that users can use to login and view data and vote for issues. But how do these users get issued addresses and then login with those issues?

I think I am having some trouble conceptualising how blockchains interaction works.
asked Jun 1, 2017 by Raif Khan

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If it's a web-based interface, it will be running on some server, so you should run MultiChain on that server, and have the web interface (in PHP, Python) communicate with the MultiChain API.
answered Jun 3, 2017 by MultiChain
But then where would I store the private key and infromation for each user? Presumably I would like it to be stored only on the user's device and not the server. How would that work because the user would also need to be authenticated
There's no problem working in this way. MultiChain can work with "watch-only addresses" where it monitors everything relating to an address without holding its private key. The private key and transaction signatures can occur on the client side. This tutorial is a good place to start: