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I have been able to successfully write the code to execute the atomic transactions described in your paper. Next I would like to generate a atomic transaction multiple assets or tokens in the preparelockunspent/createrawexchange. For example,

preparelockunspent 1... {"JPY":10500}, {"CAN":1000}

I would like to sell 10,500 JPY and 1,000  CAN

createrawtransaction prepareTxid prepareVout {"USD":100}, {"RUB":20000}

I would like to receive 100 USD and 20000 RUB for the assets defined in the prepare statement. Furthermore, as discussed in your paper, I would like to be able to support three-way atomic transactions in this manner. The documentation is not clear if this possible with the "amounts" variable used in each command. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
asked Apr 7 by eetiwah

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Yes, this is certainly possible. See this link for all the different ways in which you can specify multiple amounts:

Following your example:


Remember to include this JSON structure in single quotes if you're using the command line.

answered Apr 8 by MultiChain
I guess I should have read the last two pages of the API doc! Thanks!