Blocknotify and Walletnotify

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Can someone please give an example of using blocknotify and walletnotify? These are what i tried for:

multichaind mychain -daemon blocknotify myecho      # myecho is a working script to echo hello world

multichaind surveychain -daemon blocknotify echo "hello world"

asked May 15, 2017 by anonymous

1 Answer

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These work as regular runtime parameters, and you're probably better off putting them in the multichain.conf file so you don't have to set them each time. Inside that file you would use the following form:

blocknotify=/path/to/script %s

walletnofify=/path/to/script %s

If you want to use them on the command line, use the form -blocknotify=/path/to/script

Please note you cannot put the shell command directly in the parameter value - it needs to be a path to a file that can be executed.

answered May 16, 2017 by MultiChain