Running Multichain in a docker container

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I am trying to setup multichain in a docker container. It works fine till I shutdown the machine, but on reboot, the mining is not happening and block count remains static even after restart of the docker container.

I have tried pausing mining and then stopping the node. And after machine restart and docker container restart, set the mining flag to resumed but the block count doesn't increase.

Is this not supposed to work or is there some alternative for this?
asked May 13, 2017 by amanc

1 Answer

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The most likely explanation for mining ending is explained here:

In general, MultiChain does not care if it runs in a Docker container, or on a cloud instance, or directly on an operating system. But if the IP addresses of nodes are changing as a result of how you are using Docker, then nodes may not be able to automatically find each other, and this can lead to the "mining requires peers" situation described in the link above. You can use the addnode API to manually re-establish connections.

answered May 15, 2017 by MultiChain