How to allow more than one address to issue more asset of the same type

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Let's say I have an address 1YGLV49koPYzLWfM2kZP56FB9vVH4V5AUwRzY3 which is granted the permissions ('issue,send,receive")

And I have an existing asset "ASSET123" which is open but issued by another address

When I run the issuemorefrom command:

issuemorefrom "1YGLV49koPYzLWfM2kZP56FB9vVH4V5AUwRzY3"  "{another valid address}" ASSET123 100

I get error code: -32603

error message: Issuing more units for this asset is not allowed from this address

What do I need to do to allow this address to be able to issue more quantities of the same asset code ?
asked May 5, 2017 by Brian Tan

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The other address needs to be granted permission by the first address to issue more units of the asset. You can use the permission ASSET123.issue with the regular grant API calls. For more details, you might find this tutorial helpful:

answered May 7, 2017 by MultiChain
The grant permission step outlined in the tutorial can only be done after the address is created.

Is it possible to have the permissions included in the permissions list during the creation of the address rather than to have a separate RPC call to grant the permissions ?
Creating an address is not an event on the blockchain itself - it just takes place within the local wallet of the relevant node. So it wouldn't make much sense to combine that with a permissions assignment.