RPC failed: No JSON object could be decoded

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While executing "python -m Mce.abe --config chain1.conf" I am getting RPC failed: No JSON object could be decoded.

On the browser status = No Connection and it is showing No JSON object could be decoded.
asked Apr 26, 2017 by amitsh
Can you please explain which line of code is giving this error?

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Looking at the other questions you posted, I think the problem is that you need to run each Explorer on the same server as the MultiChain node it communicates with, and you may not be doing this.
answered Apr 26, 2017 by MultiChain
"No Connection" is appearing in browser.
OS = Ubuntu 14.04LTE
Browser is running on the same computer as python script.
Content of multichain.conf :


Content of chain1.conf :

# Config file for MultiChain Explorer
# Same file format as Abe.  Please refer to Abe.conf for more
# information about the parameters shown below and other advanced options.

# Port to serve web pages
port 2750

# Who to accept connections from.
# You can only have one host entry in the config file otherwise the explorer will report an error.
# host         # to accept connections from anybody (including localhost) e.g. production
# host localhost     # to only accept connections from your local machine e.g. testing
host localhost

# Configure a MultiChain network
datadir += [{
        "dirname": "~/.multichain/chain1",              # Path to chain's data folder
        "loader": "default",                            # Do not change
        "chain": "MultiChain chain1",                      # Display name in explorer
        "policy": "MultiChain"                          # Do not change

# Database type (do not change)
dbtype = sqlite3

# Filename of database
connect-args = chain1.explorer.sqlite
I can't see anything wrong there. The only way we can help with this is if you want to give us access to the server, and we can try to figure it out. If so please send the details to multichain dot debug at gmail dot com, including the directories where we will find the relevant files.
I am also facing the same problem. By any chance did you manage to solve the above problem? I have performed the same steps as mentioned above and the result is also the same. On the browser I am unable to see anything as it says "No JSON object could be decoded." Please revert.

Thanks in advance.
Facing the same problem. Did anybody solve it?
Thanks inadvance