Does the stream item stored onchine or external database

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I have question, If you publish stream items onchain. Does the stream item stored onchine or external database like Mysql or MongoDB. Because I'm wondering how multichain stored the stream items and retrieves the data quickly and easliy unlike the ethereum cannot be treated as db. I mean when I want retrieve all stored stream items associated with the speific key, I can retrieve it quickly so I though it does store it on database embdded into multichain , it's not going through the blocks from the begining.
asked Feb 17, 2022 by musharraf90

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MultiChain has an internal database, based on LevelDB, which it uses to track the stream items for a key (and many many other things).
answered Feb 17, 2022 by MultiChain
selected Feb 18, 2022 by musharraf90
how can I know the details ? Its not mentioned in details in white paper
I'm afraid it's not in the white paper, since it's an implementation detail that is not all that relevant for people using MultiChain. You are welcome to browse the source code :)