maximum size of asset metadata and data of a stream item

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We're in the process of figuring out what the best approach will be when we want to save files (both small and large).

In the documentation it says that asset metadata isn't suited for other than "a few kilobytes", while a stream item " can reach many megabytes in size" . Any idea how much we can store in the metadata and stream item exactly?
asked Apr 25, 2017 by anonymous

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The maximum size of asset issuance metadata in a transaction is 4kb, including both field keys and values, and some padding.

The maximum size of a stream item is 64 MB, but this also depends on your chain being configured to allow transactions and blocks of a sufficient size for this. The relevant parameters are maximum-block-size, max-std-tx-size, max-std-op-return-size.

answered Apr 25, 2017 by MultiChain