partial nodes that store individual customer's data

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Hi, I want a central ledger database with the full data and partial nodes (one node for each customer). For security/privacy reasons I want the partial node of a customer to store only the transactions (not financial transactions, but enterprise data) for that specific customer.

What is the best way to do it with MultiChain?
asked Feb 16, 2022 by GG

1 Answer

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You can do this easily with off-chain stream items, where only hashes of the data go on the chain (and are therefore stored by every node). Each stream can act as a different confidentiality region, and each node only subscribes to the streams whose data it should retain.

To enforce this confidentiality (rather than just trusting the customer with each node to only subscribe to the appropriate streams), you can use MultiChain Enterprise, which allows each stream to have read permissions assigned to specific addresses.
answered Feb 16, 2022 by MultiChain