Wallet for diferent users?

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I have configured the multi chain web demo, I can see my node information, my wallets, but now I would like to know how can I distribute wallet to my customers and how they can use they wallet.

The are some client to use a wallet in my chain, to create new address receiving and sending one to anothers?


Targino Castelo Branco
asked Apr 18, 2017 by targino.silveira
How do you want your users to access their wallet? Through a mobile app, their own web sites, your web site, their servers, etc..?
I would like they have a mobile app, if not possible by mobile app, how can I have it in a web application for them?

There are any app for that ?

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If you want to give users a wallet in a mobile app, you would need to start with an open source wallet developed for bitcoin, and then adapt it for use with MultiChain. You can see some initial work in this direction at the bottom of this page: http://www.multichain.com/developers/

For a web app, you could extend the MultiChain web demo to allow multiple users, each with their own address. However you should think carefully about whether you want your users to hold their private keys themselves, or else trust you with doing so – each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Finally the direct way is to have users download MultiChain and connect to the blockchain directly. However this may be asking too much of your users.
answered Apr 20, 2017 by MultiChain