Bitcoin style miner rewards on MultiChain

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Hi there, I need to set up this version of blockchain when everyone can connect (done already), anyone con mine (done) and anyone can receive (also done). Now I need to configure its parameters to allow every miner to receive some asset in exchange. Can you provide some example of needed parameters to achieve this.

Also, if I want miners to be rewarded with native currecy, I need to set up this asset first?


asked Apr 14, 2017 by maxidev

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You can control all of this in the 'Native blockchain currency' parameters, listed here:
answered Apr 15, 2017 by MultiChain
ok but let's say I configure parameters to reward native asset to miners. But what asset? I can't configure on parameters which asset id/name will be issued on reward.
It's not a named asset, it's an asset with a special status. For example you will see it listed as "balance" in various APIs, alongside the "assets" structure in which other assets are listed. You can send a quantity of the native asset by passing the amount directly in various APIs, rather than an {"asset-name":qty} structure.