private blockchain stucks

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It seems that my blockchain stucks at 83 blocks. It begin stucking a few days ago at 61 blocks. After adding a new miner it went to 83 blocks in a few hours. Now it's stucking again for 2 days now. Have you any idea what the reason could be? I've connected two peers, both with mine permission.

Thanks a lot.
asked Apr 5, 2017 by andreas

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The most likely explanation is that you are not performing new transactions, so the mine-empty-rounds setting is kicking in, whereby mining stops if there are no new transactions in the blockchain.

answered Apr 5, 2017 by MultiChain
Thanks for the quick response! Actually you are right, no transactions were made for the last two days.
Hi! sorry for this question but how can we make transactions?
Anything that happens on the blockchain is a "transaction" – creating assets or streams, changing permissions, sending assets, publish stream items, etc...
Ohh! okay!! :) Thank you so much for responding even if my questions are way too basic, I appreciate it :D