How can I understand multichain theoretically

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I have question plz. How can I understand multichain theoretically  ?

I mean how stream item permission works ?? How it stores in blocks while each node has different stream to publish items. I’m researcher so I have to explain each step since stream items publish from node until get confirmed and formed in blocks. How block look like? how multichain can make each node have different permission on each stream on one chain? I need every details on each stem and how every single things work?

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asked Jan 9 by musharraf90

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A lot of detail about the protocol, including streams and permissions, is documented in the 'Advanced Topics' section linked on this page:
answered Jan 10 by MultiChain
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What I understood from the link is that the permisions are not related directly to the blockchain ( is somehow related to the network issues) like a software that are managing the nodes. For example, if node A make node B to able to generate stream items. This permision is transacted. But after that "piece of software" will manage the connection and won't s write again any additional data on the transaction that shows node B have a permision to write on A data stream.
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plz I need to verfiy what I understood
I didn't entirely understand what you wrote, but the permissions are (a) set by transactions on the blockchain, and (b) enforced as part of the blockchain's rules, i.e. by every node when verifying transactions or blocks.