Node 2 can't create stream

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I've got two nodes:

Node1 creates the blockchain. Params.dat is set to anyone-can- connect, send, receive, receive-empty, create, issue to true.

When node2 attempts to create a stream, i get the following error:
"No unspent output with create permission"

creating the stream is the first thing i try to do. Any advice?

asked Mar 29, 2017 by jahluwalia

1 Answer

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Please see this answer which covers an identical problem:
answered Mar 30, 2017 by MultiChain
"The workaround is to send something (well actually, nothing) to an address before it starts transacting, something like: send [address] 0"

So do i have to issue an asset before I can send something? To be honest, i'm not interested in assets at the moment. We are more interested in the stream capability. If i must, i guess i can issue a dummy asset. Can you provide a little more detail or perhaps an order of events? Can the address i'm sending to be the self address?

I just tried sending qty 0 to the burnaddress from node2 and it's causing multichaind to go down.


Am i doing something wrong?
You don't have to issue an asset, just send 0 (as in, zero units of the native currency) to the other node's address.

As for the crash you saw, that's definitely our fault. We'll look into it and get back to you on it shortly.
We can't reproduce this problem you mentioned. Would it be possible to send us the blockchain directory for node 2 (taken when multichaind is not running) so we can take a look? You could zip it up and email it to multichain dot debug at gmail dot com.