I'm a researchers and need to know stream and chain differences

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Thanks for responding very quick.

I'm a researchers and need to know stream and chain differences.

I have many huge organizations are collabrating together. I have two options. All of them in one chain and each orgnaization has differenet stream ? I don't know whats the difference between them ? I know the difference but I mean in my situation ? and is there possibilty to make each orgnization have different chain and and make one of the organization see and read other chain ?

For Example Orgnization A give grant to read the chain to Orgnization B. Is it possible ? and then later release the grant after ten days or whatever.

Thank you so much
asked Nov 27, 2021 by musharraf90
I mean whats the difference if I make Each organisation has its own chain, or each organisation has stream and all of the organisations in one chain?
Whats the differences? and whats the benefits of each option?

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Each chain forms an entirely separate storage structure – if an organization is connected to one chain, it doesn't get any idea what is happening on another. And the addresses and permissions for each chain need to be managed separately.

But within one chain, each stream is visible to everyone connected to the chain. Using MultiChain Enterprise it's possible to have read-controlled streams, but other nodes will still see the presence of stream activity.

You can think of it quite like the difference between different databases and different tables, in the SQL world.
answered Nov 28, 2021 by MultiChain