Destination address doesn't have receive permission [closed]

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I noticed this error line when examining node logs: "Destination address doesn't have receive permission"
However the very next log states: "Granting receive permission(s) to address"
When i check address permissions it seems fine (send,receive).
Relevant Logs below:

2021-11-19 07:05:53 mchn: Granting send permission(s) to address 12rZLx854fYez51pQvQ7YNjk3TXXXXXX (0-4294967295)
2021-11-19 07:05:53 CommitTransaction: 955ca8472b2e58c9163e0426f91890f815ddee84a50637caf7e12b594d023d2e, vin: 1, vout: 2
2021-11-19 07:05:53 mchn: Destination address doesn't have receive permission: 12rZLx854fYez51pQvQ7YNjk3TXXXXX
2021-11-19 07:05:53 mchn: Granting receive permission(s) to address 12rZLx854fYez51pQvQ7YNjk3TXXXX (0-4294967295)
2021-11-19 07:05:53 CommitTransaction: f5180d7fc7f35621ebd8d560ae24fe91cc325bd5584ecf021c60c7530f03449a, vin: 1, vout: 2
2021-11-19 07:05:53 CommitTransaction: 7f2faedb6b89d2c6bc010c8c53049b2a5679627a59e16b0d38befe5f7a8e3407, vin: 1, vout: 2

After comparing with other similar transactions flow, it seems it's missing the DUP HASH160 transaction.
Any thoughts on what could be the issue?

closed with the note: Issue from API side. Wrong calls sequence
asked Nov 20 by dcentr
closed Nov 20 by dcentr