Limit the amount of assets received in a specific time

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Is it possible to limit the amount of assets received by an address in, let's say, a year. The idea is to make that each address can't receive more than 10 units per year.
asked Nov 11, 2015 by gugaiz

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I'm afraid this is not possible with MultiChain's current permission model. If you don't mind me asking, can you explain the use case for this? That will help us evaluate the feature for a future version.
answered Nov 11, 2015 by MultiChain
Company reward points program.
Companies often have internal reward programs for their employees. Companies often award points, which represent units of achievement and can be collected over the course of a year and then redeemed from the company for cash or other benefits. Points (or coins) can only be given by the senior management team to other staff members. Often there is a limit both on the number of points a senior management team member can give to staff and also a maximum number an individual staff member can receive in total from the various senior management team members. if we were to use an private blockchain to implement this scenario, then we would need some way to limit the no. of points (or coins) each management team member can give and each staff member can receive
Got it - thanks for the explanation.