Wallet and explorer working together

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Hello! I have not yet used Python for programming real application but I have discovered that it is a good fit for fast prototyping and machine learning. I have some plans to develop neural network on top of multichain so it could become self-educated in the future using multichain as complete and immutable history of events similar to human brain. While working with Multichain Explorer I have wondered - why not to integrate all functionality from Web demo to it. Maybe there are some technical nuances or pitfalls that would hopple to create a service for multichain similar to blockchain.info - explorer, wallet and API. Before I try to develop it myself could you, Gideon, please answer why did you not integrate wallet with explorer from the beginning? Is it just time consuming so you preferred to simply provide a demo so end users could develop everything they need using favorite technology or is it kind of complicated or even pointless due to performance issues etc?
asked Feb 12, 2017 by lazbog

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In general, the explorer and web demo are two different types of products – the explorer is read-only on the blockchain and can be safely exposed to the world, while the web demo has the ability to transact.

But there's nothing stopping you running both simultaneously on one chain, or even on the same server.

We also thought there would be value in providing some open source code to access the MultiChain API in more than one language - i.e. Python and PHP.
answered Feb 12, 2017 by MultiChain
Thanks for your answer. But my question is more about reasoning of choosing PHP over Python. I need your advice - if I want to build similar service as blockchain.info with secure wallet than could I use only Python or you would recommend to use PHP/Node.js for wallet part?
The programming language you use doesn't make much difference in terms of security, so long as you know that language and its security gotchas well. MultiChain's JSON-RPC API can work with any modern programming language. So this is not something we can explicitly make a recommendation on.