can i connect multichain via bitcoin core wallet client?

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hi all,

I am new to blockchain. I have setup own bitcoin network using regtest mode. Since multichain ("MC") generate a genesis blockchain. Can we use the official bitcoin core wallet client (bitcoin-qt) to connect to the blockchain generated from MC?

Any steps provided will be appreciateed.

asked Oct 30, 2015 by Pg

1 Answer

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You can't connect to a MultiChain network using Bitcoin Core, but in any event MultiChain is just a fork of Bitcoin Core, so there wouldn't be much value in doing this.
answered Oct 30, 2015 by MultiChain
I was also interested in almost same requirement. If I need to build Mobile Wallet that connects to Multichain, Is it possible to quickly reuse Bitcoin Wallet infrastructure
Yes, you can reuse a lot of the code for a bitcoin wallet. See this section to get started: