Head Start/ Technology Help needed for Currency generator using MultiChain

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I'm working on a POC that generates currency within a company.
Here are the following features am planning to design :
1. Employees/team will get bonus coins for submitting timesheet on time and delivering the project on target date etc.
2. Company there after would generate its own currency/coins and deposits in to the employees account.
3. Employees can utilize these currencies for any purchases with in the company. Also, they can transfer the currency within.

would like to understand which UI and DB technologies are recommended?
Any  head start or a sample application links/resources with a similar model would be helpful and much appreciated.
asked Jan 12, 2017 by Satya Jagata

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First, you don't necessarily need to do this on a blockchain - it could run with a centralized database in the company. But if you want to do it on a blockchain (e.g. to prevent centralized control, and to have each user maintain control over their assets), then I would recommend using only a native currency rather than an issued asset in MultiChain – that way you can very quickly adapt any open source bitcoin wallets (e.g. for mobile), explorers, and other technologies to work with this blockchain. Beyond MultiChain and these other wallets, no other DB is required.
answered Jan 14, 2017 by MultiChain