Multichain Balance

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How we give some initial balance to one address? Eg.. I created the multichain server but my balance is lower than 10. I need to give 10 to one address.
asked Jan 9, 2017 by anonymous

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If your blockchain is using a native currency, then units of that currency are earned by whoever "mines" the blocks in the chain, and they will earn enough over time to reach the number you're looking for. There's no way to short-cut it.

But your other option is to issue an asset on the blockchain, and transfer units of that as appropriate.
answered Jan 9, 2017 by MultiChain
If i do a banking system in multichain how we can add balances to one user?
Eg.. one user need to add 100 in balance to their account. how it possible?
If you want one party to be able to add or subtract from a user's balance, why are you doing this on a blockchain instead of a regular centralized database?
Its not easy to do one banking system in blockchain?
Why would you do it in a blockchain and not a regular database, if you want one party to be able to exercise ultimate control over the database contents?
Blockchain is more secure than regular database?
That's true, if you use multiple nodes to lock down the blockchain's contents cryptographically, its content cannot be reversed. So if you want to build a centrally-controlled banking application in this way, I would suggest using streams, where the key of each stream item is the account number, and the data represents the transactions that took place for that account number.
For one banking system what all things we can do in blockchain?