error: Error parsing JSON:'{asset1:125}'

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The below command in Windows gives me a parsing error.

multichain-cli abc sendwithdata 199TuCA2RMZSFvf8NFDvxvUve57nNdUgriCvoN '{"asset1":125}' 48692066726f6d204d756c7469436861696e21


error: Error parsing JSON:'{asset1:125}'

Any idea what could be the reason?



asked Jan 6, 2017 by rahulkumargr
Hi, Even I am getting this error. How did you resolve? README.TXT has no specific information for this.
The top of the Windows README.txt file explains how to convert the Linux command line format used in MultiChain's documentation.
I am also having the same problem. Please help

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Please see the top of the README.txt in the Windows download which explains how to modify the online examples (which use Linux command-line escaping) in order to work with the Windows/DOS command line.

answered Jan 6, 2017 by MultiChain