how can i implement a ricardian contract

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I would like to use assets to mimic a NFT token and to bind them by a ricardian contract. What is the best way to integrate a ricardian contract approach with multichain ?
asked Jun 3, 2021 by anonymous

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If you just want to have the contract's text/data linked to the asset, your best bet is probably to publish it as a stream item in the same transaction as that which creates the asset, so they are always linked.

This can be achieved using the createrawsendfrom API to create a single transaction which both issues the asset and publishes to a stream. See the page below and/or the help within MultiChain:

If you want the contract's specification to actually be enforced by MultiChain as a rule for asset transfers, you would have to write some kind of translation layer which applies it as part of a transaction filter:

answered Jun 3, 2021 by MultiChain