Data on Stream

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I understood data will not be stored on block directly, and need to be published on stream.

When subscriber tries to read stream it needs to be transferred from stream creator.

What will be happened If stream creator removes his off-chain data before subscriber tries to read stream?

Assume that no one has off-chain data excepting stream creator.

Of course stream transaction hashes are already stored on block, but what about real data?
asked May 31, 2021 by Jason Ma

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If you use off-chain data in a stream, then what you say is correct – if nobody in the network has the off-chain data, then it will not be available to the subscriber.

But there is also the option of using on-chain data in a stream, which prevents this problem – the full data is stored inside the blockchain which every node has a copy of. A node does not need to subscribe to the stream to receive on-chain data, and they can choose to subscribe at any time later on.
answered May 31, 2021 by MultiChain