Node pauses state values

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I have seen in my debug.log many values for paused state

So far, 0 - 6 - perhaps there are more.

My node has this currently and mining is paused. What clue does this give us?

Do you have these values documented anywhere?

Node paused state is set to 00000004
Node paused state is set to 00000006
asked May 15, 2021 by MaSsv

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It is the sum of the following hexadecimal values:

0x02 - incoming (processing of incoming blocks and transactions) is paused

0x04 - mining (generating blocks) is paused

0x10 - offchain (requesting, relaying or delivering off-chain stream items) is paused

see 'help pause'
answered May 16, 2021 by Michael
selected May 16, 2021 by MaSsv