How to create lightweight Wallet

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In the use case "Consumer-facing rewards scheme" you have mentioned about lightweight wallet. Sorry for my ignorance but are there any ready to use lightweight wallet available or i will have to create something of my own.
asked Oct 18, 2015 by neerajsaran

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We don't yet have a lightweight wallet available. However MultiChain is largely compatible with bitcoin wallets, except from the handshaking when two nodes connect. We're hoping that the next alpha will enable pure bitcoin-style handshaking between nodes for chains where anyone-can-connect is true, i.e. where the permission to connect is not restricted. This will make existing lightweight bitcoin wallets compatible with MultiChain, although of course they will need to be updated to display and send assets other than the chain's native currency.

answered Oct 18, 2015 by MultiChain
selected Oct 18, 2015 by neerajsaran
sorry but just to be clear, actually i am trying to create a reward point system where i want the user to be able to see and use the point earned in real time on our existing app. Can you please suggest how can i do this with whatever is existing. Or there is no way to do it today and i will have to wait for some future release.

Also, i am very new to the blockchain technology, Can you please suggest me some document or book which i should read to increase my technical knowledge on blockchain/multichain.
In general, you would only need a blockchain rather than a centralized database if this points system is shared between multiple companies. In any event, I recommend starting with the MultiChain white paper, which is a good general introduction to the subject of private blockchains: