getpeerinfo doesn't return new node info until grant mine

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I'd like to understand how and when peers connect.

The scenario is simple: I have set up an admin note and several customer nodes. After clients connecting to admin, I find out that clients don't (always) see each other running getpeerinfo, until the newly added client is granted with mine previlege (by grant 1... mine).

I wonder if this is the expected behavior. Could someone please explain? Thanks
asked Nov 17, 2016 by John

1 Answer

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We were not able to reproduce it.

Nodes should not connect to all other nodes, generally speaking. Number of connections is limited. But if you run few nodes this should not be an issue.

Can you simulate it with 3 nodes (admin + 2 customers)? Please run multichaind with

-debug=mchn -debug=net

runtime parameters.

If you still see customer nodes are not connected to each other after several seconds, please grant "mine" permission as you suggest, check that nodes are connected, stop all nodes, zip entire data directories for all 3 nodes and send us to
answered Nov 20, 2016 by Michael