Node Permissions

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I am about to grant full permissions to a new node and completely delete this genesis (first) node. I found the below permissions on the documentation.

  • connect – to connect to other nodes and see the blockchain’s contents.
  • send – to send funds, i.e. sign inputs of transactions.
  • receive – to receive funds, i.e. appear in the outputs of transactions.
  • issue – to issue assets, i.e. sign inputs of transactions which create new native assets.
  • create – to create streams, i.e. sign inputs of transactions which create new streams.
  • mine – to create blocks, i.e. to sign the metadata of coinbase transactions.
  • activate – to change connect, send and receive permissions for other users, i.e. sign transactions which change those permissions.
  • admin – to change all permissions for other users, including issue, mine, activate and admin.
1) Will the above rights be sufficient so we can completely delete the genesis node?
2) Are there any permissions that only the genesis node will be able to apply?
asked Mar 26, 2021 by dcentr

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There is no special status for the genesis node. The first main thing is to grant the second node admin permissions so that it can then assign any other permissions. Second, be sure to grant it mine permissions, so it can create blocks on the chain, then once you see that happening (use listblocks), revert mine permissions from the first node so that it is no longer included in the rotation.

answered Mar 28, 2021 by MultiChain