Big Metadata - difference in transaction JSON

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I am having an issue with adding big metadata into transaction - it doesn't put hex string into data field, it just stays inside hex and there is only a reference to the transaction id with its size.This is how transaction looks:

 "data" : [
            "txid" : "d96b617ac11c366fa16a029f271aaf0b9e5930127a8500a022e22a6df2c095c2",
            "vout" : 0,
            "size" : 566850

On the other hand, when i put small metadata into transaction, this is how data looks:

"data" : [


So the question is, is there something that i missed inside params.dat? I have maxed out those transaction size parameters, as well as block size.

Thank you in advance
asked Oct 28, 2016 by Mile

1 Answer

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MultiChain works this way by design, to prevent very large pieces of data clogging up the API output.

You can control the threshold of when it switches from the data to this object with the maxshowndata runtime parameter, documented here:

And you can retrieve the full data from the txid and vout shown using the gettxoutdata API.

answered Oct 28, 2016 by MultiChain