Multiple JSON-RPC users

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Is it possible to configure multiple JSON-RPC users? We have two web applications, both of them will call the JSON-RPC api.

asked Oct 24, 2016 by braval

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I'm afraid it's not currently possible to do this, but it's an interesting idea. Are you looking for the two users to have different access rights, e.g. for different operations or different wallet keys? Or is this just about logging who did what?
answered Oct 25, 2016 by MultiChain
Thanks for reply.

The idea was to use several users that have different access rights.
OK, in that case your best workaround for now is to store private keys outside of the node wallet, and use the raw transaction mechanism to create transactions for signing with the private key passed in as a parameter. We'll shortly introduce a new API to make this easier, without you needing to select the "unspent transaction outputs" in your own code. This won't restrict access rights for reading the node or blockchain state, but it will restrict who can create which transactions.
Bumping this old topic, which is the API that allows to create raw transaction without specifying UTXO's like you said?