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Hi, I am trying to issue assets that have relevant ID data in the "details" section of the asset. I am using the convention '{..."details":{"foo1":"value"...}}', but the details section remains blank. Can this only be done when issuing using the transaction API commands?
asked Sep 26, 2016 by CriticalMass

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You just need to pass the details themselves in the sixth parameter to the issue API, e.g. if you're using the command line interface:

issue [address] asset1 100 0.01 0 '{"foo1":"value"...}'

If you're doing this via a more direction connection to the JSON-RPC API, be sure to pass the custom fields as a JSON object rather than a string.

answered Sep 26, 2016 by MultiChain
selected Sep 27, 2016 by CriticalMass