listaddresstransactions and buffersize?

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I am facing an issue with listaddresstransactions not listing all the transactions for a particular address.
I had been doing multiple transactions with from and to as same address with amount 0.0 but with large metadata.
what I have noticed is that listaddresstransactions is not throwing the complete list.
but when I call gettransaction <txid> it does shows the address in question.

I suspect it might be because of the buffer or memory used  as the result json will include the metadata as well.
If thats true, I would like to have a flag for this api call to return a json  without metadata or hex values. Would that be possible?
if its not memory related, what could be the issue?
please advise.
asked Sep 26, 2016 by sanmadhavan

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It's probably simple - by default listaddresstransactions only shows the last 10 transactions, but you can change that by passing a second parameter. See the full docs on the API page:

answered Sep 26, 2016 by MultiChain
selected Sep 27, 2016 by sanmadhavan
Thanks, I somehow missed to go back and check the documentation.