Child node has assets but no transaction history?

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I created a node in my local computer that is a connection to a main node living in a server that is hosted on AWS,

After granting the local node's wallet all the permissions necessary in the main node, I tried transferring assets from the main node's wallet (that has all the assets) into the local node's wallet in my local computer. I got an Insufficient Funds error.

Sure enough, the local node has a record of having the exact amount of assets as the primary node, but there is no transaction list. There is no ledger of the previous transactions that occured on the primary node, so there's no balances.


What did I do wrong?

asked Sep 25, 2016 by 0nix

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I may be misunderstanding your question, but it seems like you're seeing the same assets (in listassets) on both nodes, but not the same balance (in APIs like gettotalbalances). In this case it's correct that the assets should be sendable from one node, and not from another, because by their nature assets are under the control of a particular node, by virtue of the private keys of addresses held in its wallet. The same logic applies to transactions – the transaction listing APIs only show transactions that involved addresses on that particular node.

answered Sep 26, 2016 by MultiChain
selected Sep 26, 2016 by 0nix
Very well, thank you.