Restarting the chain

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I created the chain successfully but when i am trying to re-start the chain i am getting an error as blow.

 root@BlockChain:~# multichaind chain1 -daemon

MultiChain Core Daemon build 1.0 alpha 7 protocol 10002

Multichain server starting
root@BlockChain:~# IO error: lock /root/.multichain/chain1/permissions.db/LOCK: Resource temporarily unavailable
ERROR: Couldn't initialize permission database for network chain1. Exiting...

Please suggest.

asked Oct 14, 2015 by neerajsaran

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It's possible that the chain is already running? Try running ps -x to see a list of processes, and look out for multichaind with the chain name.

answered Oct 14, 2015 by MultiChain
selected Oct 14, 2015 by neerajsaran
In my case, i forced to shutdown the node runningthe server. After the restart I couldn't run the block chain and I get the same message.
After digging a bit in the permissions.log I found out that the database is corrupted. Is there a way to regenarate the permission database? Or solve this issue in another way?
The next alpha should offer proper support for database rebuilding. In the meantime please see this answer: