Transaction was not signed properly

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  • I have created a blockchain on NODE -A and connected a new NODE - B  on it.  
  • A new address (ADDRESS-1) is created on NODE-B with the permission (connect, send, receive, mine, create, issue) by "getnewaddress" API
  • When doing a transaction, sending an asset from the admin address to  ADDRESS-1 on NODE -B  by 'createrawsendfrom'  API, getting the following error.
  • But doing the same transaction on NODE - A, no issue is raising. 
  • The new address is either from NODE- A NODE - B, then sending asset to an ADDRESS is not happening though there is permission.


  2. code-25
  3. message"Transaction was not signed properly"
Thanks in advance 
asked Jan 27, 2021 by shivap17

1 Answer

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Make sure each node has the private keys for the addresses it wants to send transactions for.
answered Jan 27, 2021 by MultiChain