From address not found

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I have created a blockchain and did some asset transactions between the addresses, and added a node to the blockchain. Then tried to do the transaction on the new node ( The connected one), I got the following response.

Did I miss anything on the permission side or have to pass any command to import the address to the new node?

  The response is as below


  1. code-709
  2. message"from-address is not found in this wallet"
  3. successfalse
asked Jan 25, 2021 by shivap17

1 Answer

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A node cannot conduct a transaction on behalf of an address on the blockchain unless it has the private key corresponding to that address. This is what protects asset ownership. See the dumprivkey and importprivkey API commands for a way to copy private keys from one node to another.

answered Jan 25, 2021 by MultiChain

Thanks for the response. So do we have to do import all the private addresses manually?
You have dumpwallet and importwallet to do them all at once.