Is Stream not supported in alpha 24?

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I have upgraded to alpha 24 (as shown below)

ehtchain3: getinfo

    "version" : "1.0 alpha 24",
    "protocolversion" : 10005,
    "chainname" : "ehtchain3",
    "description" : "MultiChain ehtchain3",
    "protocol" : "multichain",
    "port" : 7751,

But when I attempted to create a stream, I see the following error:

ehtchain3: create stream ehtstream1 false

error code: -32600
error message:
API is not supported for this protocol version

FYI - I was in version 19 earlier and I just upgraded to version 24.

asked Sep 16, 2016 by Easwar

2 Answers

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Streams are not supported in blockchains that were created by MultiChain versions prior to alpha 24. This break is necessary because streams alter the consensus rules for a blockchain (i.e. the definition of what is a valid transaction) and this could lead to a fork with prior MultiChain versions that don't know these rules. The solution is to start a new chain with alpha 24.
answered Sep 17, 2016 by MultiChain
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New binary (version 24 ) loading old chain (created using older binary prior to 23 ) will not support streams.
A new chain needs to be created. The newer version has protocol number 10006 & your params.dat will have older config parameters .
Also I guess with  new version, streams related paramters are added to the params.dat.

Not sure backward compatability is implemented or whether it can be implemented.
answered Sep 22, 2016 by sanmadhavan