Can I build a public blockchain using Multichain?

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I was concerned if I can make a public blockchain using MultiChain or it can be used to make private or permissioned blockchain only?  Also since the MultiChain does not uses Proof of Work algorithm , I will have to use distributed consensus or there is any way I can use my Proof of Work in my blockchain?
asked Aug 24, 2016 by prashant.singh

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Yes, you can certainly do that by setting the appropriate blockchain parameters - either set chain-protocol=bitcoin or most of the anyone-can-* settings to true. Either way you'll also need to set up a native currency and the mining parameters as desired.

answered Aug 24, 2016 by MultiChain
selected Aug 24, 2016 by prashant.singh
Thanks. This was answer to my first part I guess, abut making public blockchain. What about using PoW algorithm in my blockchain?
MultiChain uses PoW for non-permissioned mining - that's what the mining blockchain parameters are about.
if MultiChain uses PoW for non-permissioned mining, What PoW algorithm MultiChain uses ?
Exactly the same as bitcoin, prefix zero digits in double sha256 of block header.