Can MultiChain guarantee both safety and liveness of the implemented consensus algorithm?

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Decades of academic and industry research point out that in a fully asynchronous environment both safety and liveness of a consensus algorithm are impossible to guarantee. I assume that MultiChain managed to find a way to circumvent both the FLP result and the CAP theorem. My company spent a few years in R&D in that direction with encouraging results. If you guys have already accomplished that, it would be nice to make a public statement about your achievement and no one else reinvents the wheel. Please, feel free to contact me and ask questions.
asked Aug 1, 2016 by Ivan Klianev

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Thanks for your question, but I think it's based on a misunderstanding, since MultiChain (and blockchains in general) does not claim to circumvent wither FLP or CAP.

FLP: consensus guarantees in blockchains are probabilistic, not absolute.

CAP: blockchains are eventually consistent.

Blockchains are simply a pragmatic way to build a peer-to-peer database.
answered Aug 2, 2016 by MultiChain