running many chains on the same port

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What I really want is a private chain per contract. So very many chains, all running on the same port.

I guess that's not how things work right now. We need to be able to dynamically add and remove nodes on the chain, specified within the contract itself. Has anyone else asked for this, and either way would this be something you think is feasible from your code base with funding ?. That's something to be discussed privately but I just though it worth asking.
asked Jul 20, 2016 by MarkLester

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I'm afraid you can't currently run multiple chains on the same TCP/IP port because, in any operating system, only a single process can listen on each port.

Have you considered the possibility of using a single chain, but having multiple data streams on it, each of whose contents is encrypted so only certain people can read it? You can get started with data streams here:
answered Jul 21, 2016 by MultiChain
Well yes of course. Obviously the single process would need to be able to handle requests for multiple chains. Which is what I am doing now. I have immutability, and I can lock the network to get around contention issues, which ultimately cant be avoided.  So really I need the transaction ordering universal timestamp trick. But I want it exclusively within a dynamic set of parties. My lock will suffice for now and I'll get my head round how blockchain orders these.