Can we run scripts? How does one do it?

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asked Oct 7, 2015 by senthil
Can you please explain more about what you want to do. Write code that sits on the blockchain and execute it?
E.g. lets say an asset has a expiry date. I keep this expiry date in the meta-data. So when txn is being done one can check for this expiry date as one of the conditions for validity
You can't do this kind of thing right now in MultiChain. But once an asset has expired, can it not even been redeemed from the issuer?
How can an asset be redeemed? Can you give the command?
By "redeem" I just mean "send back to the issuer to get the underlying asset". There's nothing special about the transaction from the blockchain's perspective - rather "redemption" is what happens in the real world as a result.

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