Manage two chain transfers in a single txn

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Lets say I have two blockchains running at the same time - lets called t1 and t2. Can I do a txn on both on the chains atomically - something like a 2-phase commit.

e.g. send asset a1 30 to pub-address addr1 on blockchain t1

send asset a2 60 to pub-address addr2 on  blockchain t2

Both these should either succeed or fail


asked Oct 4, 2015 by senthil

1 Answer

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No, I'm afraid you can't perform dependent transactions between separate chains. If you want a dependency between operations, they need to occur on the same chain, and either happen together in one transaction (for symmetric dependency) or one can spend the output of the other (for one-way dependent).
answered Oct 4, 2015 by MultiChain