Can many wallets (or private keys) exist in one MultiChain node?

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In my understanding, one wallet has unique private key. 

My question is: 

(1) can many wallets exist in one node of MultiChain? For example, wallet A and wallet B both exist in the same node. And wallet A can send fund to wallet B. 

(2) when wallet A send wallet B some fund, in the JSON-RPC API way, if I use sendassetfrom api or other similar apis, how and when do I use the private key of wallet A? 

Thank you very much.

asked Jun 15, 2016 by Helen

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Yes, it's possible to have many addresses (and their associated private keys) stored within the wallet of a single node. And yes, you can use APIs like sendassetfrom to do this, and it will automatically use the appropriate private key. But if you want to store keys externally you'll need to use the raw transaction interface.

answered Jun 15, 2016 by MultiChain
Thanks for your reply.  In my case, I want to store keys externally and use keys in the raw transaction interface.
I checked
Just wonder, whether you guys have better resources for samples? It will be great then. Thank you.
A lot of the code you can find for bitcoin will also work with MultiChain. All of our own sample code is already available on the site.